Aurelien Stireg is born in Belgium in 1982, he Has begun his Dj career in the years 2000. His name was Dj G-Traxx at that time. Surfing on the Belgium House Vibration , he first played Progressive Trance and Tech-House/Funky .

At that time, he was known from the international house scene. A few years later, Aurelien , Dj G-Traxx stopped his Dj career and became a web site developer.

Working for jQuery UI Bootstrap and its development, he became the "father" of some world famous applications like Jquery ui bootstrap, Magix cms etc ... He also devoted all his free time to the studio development of Deep house tracks. In 2013 the name Aurelien Stireg was born, he plays Deep House, Tech House and Electronica-House / Funky. He works for a famous radio station called Radio Studio One.

He plays live for that radio 2 times a week in the same way as Dj Marko , Avicii, Marco Bailey, Mike Menotti, Christian Varela, John Dahback Etc.. His world Dj ranking is growing up every day.. Aurelien Stireg is issued from the Belgium underground House scene..

He started production years ago and started with Ableton Live. He currently works with some labels Cosmic Love Records, Yuna Beats Records, 5howtime Music, Bonzai, Plastic City and others. Clubs or festival that hosted Aurelien Stireg: Dancing Graffiti, Capitole Eupen, La Bonbonnière, La Chapelle, Phoenix Club, Factory Club, Barocco, Luxembourg Club, Flower Festival, Spring Break Festival, etc...

Today you can discover his sound on beatport and his personnal account like soundcloud.

You can also follow his career on his Facebook

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