Aurelien Stireg

Aurelien Stireg is issued from the Belgium underground House scene.

He currently works with some labels Cosmic Love Records, Yuna Beats Records, 5howtime Music, Bonzai Records, Reckoning Records, Plastic City, D:Side Records, Polyptych and others.

Clubs or festival that hosted Aurelien Stireg: Dancing Graffiti, Capitole Eupen, La Bonbonnière, La Chapelle, Phoenix Club, Factory Club, Barocco, Luxembourg Club, Flower Festival, Spring Break Festival, Trebuchet, Bar 80, Music Dome (Kerkrade), etc...

Today you can discover his sound on beatport and his personnal account like soundcloud.

Booking Aurelien Stireg

Discover my tracks

Acid Motion

Aurelien Stireg is back on the label with a peak-time techno monster. A mainstay at Bonzai Progressive for many years, Aurelien…


Elysian comprises two beautifully crafted tracks, each telling its own unique story through the medium of sound. The title track,…

Ground (Aurelien Stireg Remix)

Eduardo Monteiro, a dynamic force in the melodic house and techno realms, has consistently amazed audiences and critics alike with his…

Tour Dates

5 April 2024
EVER-L & Aurelien Stireg ALL NIGHT ! - Underground Liège BE
12 August 2023
The saturday experience - La cuve a Bière Namur BE
10 March 2023
Ever L & Friends - Bar 80 Liège BE
14 January 2023
Ever L & Friends - Trebuchet Ciney BE
11 November 2022
Ever L & Friends - Bar 80 Liège BE
5 November 2022
Bonzai All Stars & Friends @ Music Dome - Music Dome Kerkrade NL
31 October 2022
Halloween - Paradise Jemeppe BE
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