Aurelien Stireg & Ever-L - First Time

ref : RCR050

Aurelien Stireg & EVER-L team up to bring you a deep & melodic techno vibe rightly named First Time.

A heavy reese bass guides this track along as a deep and enchanting melody mesmerizes your senses. Prepare to reach new euphoric heights for the 'First Time' with this incredible summer banger. Hasan Ghazi steps up to remix the masterful original with his signature afterhours style. Through precise interweaving of pads and ARPs, Hasan elevates you to a realm higher as your senses are engulfed by the ever encompassing melody that is First Time.

The second remix on this EP is by the highly talented newcomer Hereafter. This track is full of emotion as Hereafter spins his magic to bring an ethereal glow to this track. Warm synthetic arps reverberate in the background as beautiful strings release feelings of inner peace and joy simultaneously. A perfect way to end or start any DJs journey and a must have for all electronic music lovers. Taking you out of this world on July 22, 2022.

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