Anthony Spallino & Aurelien Stireg - Spark

ref : BP10822022

Anthony Spallino and Aurelien Stireg join forces once again with their latest studio collab titled, Spark. It's been over 20 years since these guys started out in their musical careers. Anthony started to grab attention with his energetic sets, this led to him getting gigs at top venues around Belgium. His style is an electronic formula, fused with different styles, creating a unique, sound, all of his own.

Aurelien has been a producer for a long time, he started to DJ in 2000 as DJ G-Traxx and performed at many to venues and events. He played several styles and is mostly known for his house sets. In 2018 the guys formed a partnership and created some tracks together, gaining support from a raft of jocks including Laurent Garnier.

The release opens with the Original Mix, with its cinematic inspired intro featuring cosmic percussions, muted kicks, dense drones and captivating vox. The track evolves into an epically charged prog mover with swelling pads and warming tones, wrapped up in a hair-raising groove.

Nacres returns to Bonzai Progressive on remix duties. The Turkish DJ, producer has notched up a few firm favourites here already and has found a niche with his unique sound. We're always excited to hear his latest offerings. His interpretation here dishes out a much slower burning groove. Warm basses and delicate melodies combine as a bed of shuffling percussions and a solid kick keep the rhythm flowing. Positive vibes dominate with the track pulling on the heartstrings, making this a must have, no doubt. UK based duo Kris Stewart and Ed James aka Orphix conclude the release and set the pace with their Dictator Remix. These guys have etched out a solid reputation over the last number of years, churning out top quality cuts at every turn, always a pleasure to see them here at BP. Right from the get go, the remix here grabs your attention, from the hybrid breaks groove to the mesmerizing and euphoria driven pads, a strong narrative weaves through the track, adding to the romanced vibe. Wholly infectious and epic, this one is an absolute monster for the peak time set.

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