Moonwaker & Aurelien Stireg - Vitality

ref : RCR101

Vitality is more than just an EP—it is a journey through the dynamic world of melodic techno, orchestrated by the combined genius of Aurelien Stireg and Moonwaker.
The record includes a compelling original mix, creatively transformed by a cadre of respected producers into a collection of spellbinding remixes, each reflecting a unique interpretation of the original track.

The remixes are crafted by an eclectic mix of artists, including the stylistically versatile Andy Cley, the rhythmically inventive Glenn Saund, the techno maestro Lliom, the innovative Loloman, and the enigmatic Mr Sampler.

Their individual takes on "Vitality" lend the EP an exciting variety, pushing the boundaries of techno and offering listeners an immersive, auditory exploration. Aurelien Stireg, an instrumental figure in the Reckoning Records family, collaborates with the fresh, electrifying energy of Moonwaker to create an unforgettable musical experience. Aurelien's multifaceted career, encompassing web development and DJing, has distilled his sound into a unique blend that continually captivates listeners worldwide.

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