Hope To Survive EP

ref : BP11372023

Aurelien Stireg makes a welcome return to Bonzai Progressive with his latest offering titled, Hope To Survive.

Lauded for his melodic and emotive sounds, Aurelien continues to shine on the production front. He boasts quite an impressive catalog, with release on several top labels which have gained support from around the world. We always love to hear his latest creations, and we look forward to more.

The release opens with the first of two very strong tracks. Hope To Survive intros with an intriguing mixture of warm melodies and caressing bass tones. Set on a bed of tight beats with chunky kicks and smooth, rhythmic percussions, subtle yet mesmerizing notes cascade as a spiralling arp fills out the groove. The break reveals his emotive side beautifully with enchanting voices and swelling pads coming to the fore. The final act locks us into the groove for the duration, making this an absolute must have.

Future Is Now concludes the release, taking a tougher stance with a much grittier groove. Filled with contrasting sounds, from delicate melodies to harsh bass plucks, the balance is struck to perfection. Punchy kicks and shuffling hats lead the way as those plucky basses mesmerize. Swirling pads and soft voices create a dreamy atmosphere alongside calming piano notes which lead to the break where emotive note changes add a twist to the groove. Top-notch stuff.

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